Project Description

Black Halo


Luxurious, polished, and with sophisticated construction, designer Laurel Berman infuses a modern architectural simplicity into each Black Halo design. Berman launched Black Halo in 2002 with the highly popular “Jackie O” dress. Black Halo has become an internationally renowned brand that can be found in over 1,500 stores worldwide


  • As Founder and Creative Director of fashion brand Black Halo, Laurel Berman has an uncanny eye for what fits the female form.
  • The collection’s architectural designs summon a natural inner beauty and strength that are meant to liberate and empower women.
  • The collection became known for the “Jackie O” dress but have continue to innovate over the years.

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Disclaimer: Designs featured in photos may or may not be featured in the store. The images are meant to be representative of this designer. Please contact the store or stop by to inquire about availability.