Rizik’s Boutique Introduces Our New 2020 Collection

We’re excited to introduce the new designers featured in this year’s Spring-Summer 2020 Collection. We focused on three themes this season:

Femininity & Individuality

If there was one prominent theme in all of our Spring-Summer 2020 Collection it would be the expression of femininity alongside individuality. We’re bringing to our showroom a dynamic mix of both day and evening wear clothes that highlight both long-standing brands with great heritage and modern styles (like Malìparmi) along with cutting-edge, international in-demand designers (like Phoung My).

Founded in 1977, the Malìparmi collection is a gathering of craft, technic, color, and patterns in textiles and materials that help tell Malìparmi’s unique story. The clothes are a perfect match for a woman who wants to convey her feminine side while standing out in a crowd.

As one of the hottest new designers on the world’s stage, Phuong My is known for producing designs that are at once innovative and delicate. Starting with the design and production process, the smallest details are ambitiously pursued. Phuong My’s designs will are sure to be a prominent fixture on the Washington, DC evening wear “scene” for years to come.

In addition to Malìparmi and Phoung My, we have:
  • Nora Noh – Noh’s Creative Director, Kumra Chung, offers fresh takes on modern feminity. Leveraging its rich heritage (the brand started in 1950). Nora Noh strives to redefine contemporary women’s fashion by reintroducing timeless design and understated sophistication.
  • Samantha Sung – Sung epitomizes the cross-section of feminity and individuality with her bold, and unique print designs. Samantha Sung launched her label in 2006 after working for Polo Ralph Lauren, Cerutti & Cerutti (Milan), and Tocca (NYC).

Fine Fabrics & Attention To Detail

Our clients expect high-quality fabrics and designers who offer craftsman-like attention to detail. In every collection we offer we look to introduce at least one or two new designers where these qualities stand out. Our Spring-Summer 2020 Collection is no exception.
This season we offer the fine silk patterns of Ania Zofia, the sartorial cuts and trending lines of Cinzia Rocca, the Italian artisan designs of Santorelli, and the innovative sculptural forms of evening wear designer Tony Ward.
  • Ania Zofia – We’re offering both day and evening selection from Ania Zofia. By using an array of fine fabrics, including hand-painted silk, the designs have an impeccable finish.
  • Cinzia Rocca – Founded in 1953 by Giacomo Rocca, these designs are known for refined fabrics and delicate details tailored to the contemporary woman.
  • Santorelli – Designed and manufactured by Italian artisans, our Santorelli collections combine classic styles with refined elegance – the perfect match for our clientele.
  • Tony Ward – Ward is a Lebanese-Italian fashion designer who transformed his family’s couture house. Named ¨The Architect of Detail¨ he draws his inspiration from contemporary architecture which helps him envision sculptural forms and play with the boundaries of light and transparency.

Emotion & Style In Israeli Bridal Design

Israeli haute couture bridal design was not always as well known and esteemed as it is today. But we have seen a dramatic shift in the style and quality of designs over recent years. Rizik’s Boutique is proud to feature several designers from Israel – Aravak Polak, Lihi Hod to date, and, as part of our Spring-Summer 2020 Collection, Tal Kedem.

  • Tal Kedem – Kedem launched her brand after years of experience in the fashion industry, cutting patterns for well-known designers.  Today Tal Kedem continues handcrafting unique patterns as part of Tal Kedem Haute Couture and the latest collection is stunning as it simultaneously expresses emotion and style.

Tony Ward

Phuong My

Nora Noh