Robin Givhan Profiles Christian Siriano

We loved this recent article by Robin Givhan in the Washington Post profiling Christian Siriano. Entitled “Christian Siriano has become the face of a fashion industry that once dismissed him“, Givhan highlights Siriano’s simple act of goodwill that transformed his business from a non-essential business to an essential business when he (Siriano) offered his team of idle seamstresses to help produce masks for the city of New York. New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo took him up on his offer – all setting the stage for a movement whereby other designers and fashion houses lined up to do the same.

Not only do we love all the good energy coming from the fashion industry to help with addressing the pandemic, but we also were quite honored to have our name featured in the article by way of a former employee, Andrea Riggins. Andrea (‘Ande’) shares insights on what it was like to work directly with Siriano.

Writes Givhan: 

“Siriano refuses to treat his designs like precious hothouse flowers. When he shows his collection to store buyers, he absorbs their feedback and, unlike some of his colleagues, makes changes without complaint — whether it’s to stitch up a high slit, raise a plunging neckline or add a longer sleeve, says Andrea Riggins, former general manager of Rizik’s in Washington.

“Whenever he would come to the store, after the event, he was down on his knees pinning dresses, which is very rare for a designer,” says Riggins, now a fashion and retail consultant. “People will always remember that. Anyone who was in the store will remember that.”